Life + Love + Hope = Anything Could Happen


Citizens of Storybrooke, please respect the clock tower, thank you.

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Regina + her badass reflexes.

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But for some it comes naturally.

Lana Parrilla or Sasha Alexander asked by baru-elliot

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Apr 8



do you ever see something and just


Apr 8

Santa Baby…been an awful good girl,

so hurry down the chimney tonight.

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Apr 8

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Apr 8


"if i had to do it all again, i’d still choose regina." 

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Apr 8

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Apr 7

Where is it?!

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Apr 7

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Apr 7

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Apr 7


- Regina and Robin spent ONE YEAR together in FTL
- Regina and Robin have a connection (both because they are soulmates and because they bonded in FTL)
- Robin is the only person who looks at her as Regina, not the EQ and is not judging her or accusing her, the only one…